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SCS Redesign

Digital support and interface development for the post-purchase journey

My role:
UX designer,
Project manager,
UI interface design
Time frame:
Apr–Jun, 2023
Service design, Team building,
Client relationship building,
Interview, Body storming,
Lego Serious Play,
Hypothesis testing
Project manager
Product manager
2 UX Designers

  • Problem

Would you buy an expensive sofa that takes 90 days to deliver?


Customers cancelled orders after purchasing SCS's sofa due to 'buyer's remorse'.


They only received transactional communications during the waiting process.


Customers typically wait 2~3 months for the delivery of their SCS’s sofas

  • Goal : Reassure customers

  • Outcome

We redesigned the pages and create an engaging and simple self-service system.

Measuring Success

“Good solutions! The FAQ and contact us pages might be the most efficient change we can make in current stage.”

Katrina B | Social and Content Manager | SCS

What did I learn

  • Client relationship building

  • Team building